Welcome to De Winters Medals

Having spent 25 years collecting British campaign medals, we decided in 2009 to start-up a small online company, De Winters Medals, that would specialise in selling British campaign medals and decorations awarded to those who have served in some of Britain’s elite regiments, namely the Royal Marines, Gurkhas, Parachute Regiment and Brigade of Guards. The site and its contents are the subsequent results of this decision.

The website will be regularly updated. The ‘Last Updated’ sign will alert customers as to these changes.

We hope you enjoy our website and product.


We are interested in purchasing the following:

-Victorian Gurkha medals

-Victorian Guards Medals

-First World War Gurkha Trios

-Gurkha Tibet Medals

-Gurkha/Parachute Regiment ‘Afghanistan’ Operational Service Medals

-Gurkha/Royal Marines/Parachute Regiment 2003 Iraq Medals

-Welsh Guards First World War Trios

-Royal Marines South Atlantic Medals

-Parachute Regiment medals

GVF/GVF+ condition only. No replacements, damage, re-naming, repairs etc.


Please phone on 07584 895918 or e-mail: dewintersmedals@hotmail.com